Happy Year of the Rooster!

Dear Calgary Acupuncture Enthusiasts,

Greetings and Happy Year of the Rooster to you!

First I’d love to say thank you to everyone who has been so supportive with the recent move to our new clinic the Apple Blossom Wellness Center, it is the beginning of dreams come true. If I haven’t seen you in a while I would love to hear how you are doing, always hoping to find you well.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check us out at the new location we offer Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Massage Therapy, and Ozone Therapy. If you want more information on any of our services, you can check them out at our website www.AppleBlossomWellness.com.

I’m also excited to announce a new member to our team! Michelle Beaubier is a registered acupuncturist with the CAAA and her main focus is on Systemic Constitutional Wellness. She graduated in 2010 from the acupuncture program at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton and has been expanding her skills ever since. She has three beautiful children with her husband and lives in Calgary.

For some fun information on your Chinese New Year horoscope you can check out this website. Overall, I believe the Rooster is a reminder to focus on putting our best foot forward to achieve our goals.

Yours Sincerely,


Dr. Christianne Parrott

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Acupuncture for Tendonitis | Calgary Acupuncture Clinic

Hello Calgary Acupuncture Enthusiasts!

In my Calgary Acupuncture practice I see a lot of people suffering from the, often debilitating, overuse injury that is tendonitis. Once tendonitis sets in, it can become quite a stubborn injury that often takes a number of weeks of treatment to resolve. Left untreated it can worsen to the point where the use of the affected limb becomes too painful and my patients are missing work and/or taking so many anti-inflammatories that they begin to create side effects or simply become ineffective on top of the tendonitis not improving.

The absolute best treatment for tendonitis is prevention! Seek treatment before the tendons become inflamed.

But how do you know if you’re on your way to developing tendonitis you ask? The most acupuncture in calgarycommon early symptom is persistent muscle soreness or weakness especially related to a particular action (such as lifting a jug of milk). You know you need to get in quick when the weight needed to feel that ache or pain is minimal (such as drinking your morning coffee).

Acupuncture is an effective therapy for tendonitis, not only because it reduces inflammation and speeds the healing of your tendon, but it also works to resolve the muscle tension and if present poor circulation that created the tendonitis in the first place.

On top of acupuncture for the treatment of tendonitis I recommend that my patients rest that muscle(s) involved as much as possible in the first half of their treatment course while doing a regular stretching regime and in the second half add in some strengthening exercises.

Do you have tennis or golfers elbow? Book your Calgary Acupuncture Appointment today!

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Acupuncture for Neck Pain | Calgary Acupuncture

Hello Calgary Acupuncture Enthusiasts!

Neck pain is one of the most common complaints I see in my Calgary Acupuncture Clinic (Airdrie too) and neck pain is … well you know, a real pain in the neck!

With the use of ultra-fine acupuncture calgary acupuncture for neck painneedles your Calgary Acupuncturist Dr. Christianne Parrott can give immediate relief for all sorts of neck pain: from a crick in the neck that you wake up with, to muscle tension from sitting at a computer all day, whiplash, arthritic changes of the spine and even herniated discs of the neck causing nerve pain down the arm.

For all of these problems I use acupuncture and sometimes a combination of acupuncture and massage to bring about immediate relief, and with repetition for a number of treatments, the long-term treatment of more chronic or severe neck conditions (like whiplash, arthritis and herniated discs).

Acupuncture not only relieves the pain from neck problems but also addresses the causes of that pain to prevent problems from arising in the future.


  • stops muscle spasms
  • increases blood flow
  • regulates the nervous system
  • calms the mind
  • reduces inflammation

and more!

If you have a pain in the neck, book your acupuncture appointment in Calgary today.

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Treating Sacroiliac Joint Pain with Acupuncture

A fun short story for a sunny Tuesday 🙂

Today, a friend of a colleague came into our new Calgary Acupuncture and Wellness Center, helping her to move some furniture in her new treatment room. As we were talking I noticed her rubbing her low back and stretching, clearly trying to relieve some discomfort in her low back.

acupuncture for sacroiliac joint painI asked her if she minded getting a little bit of relief, and she said “Great!”. After a couple simple questions we determined that her pain, although over the sacroiliac joint area, was not from the joint itself but the small paraspinal muslces of the low lumbar region. I applied about thirty seconds of acupressure on an area of her hand and “like magic” her pain was gone.

Here was yet another fun demonstration of the immense power of acupuncture and TCM!

Click Here To book your Calgary acupuncture appointment today!

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Acupuncture for Sciatica

Hello Everyone,

Sciatic pain is a common complaint that I treat at my Calgary acupuncture and massage clinic. Sciatic nerve pain for many, if left untreated, can be debilitating. Sciatica is pain felt along the pathway of the sciatic nerve and can be felt into the buttocks region at its mildest, or all the way down to your acupuncture for sciaticatoes at its most severe. Sciatica occurs when there is an impingement of the sciatic nerve, this impingement causes nerve pain as well as muscle cramping down the back of the leg. Sciatica is most often one-sided but can occur on both sides of the body at the same time. The cause of the impingement can be either from muscular hypertension in the low back or buttocks, or from a herniated disc in the lower lumbar spine.

Acupuncture can be used to great effect for not only relieving the pain of sciatica, but its causes as well.

Continue reading

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Calgary Acupuncture for Headaches and Migraines

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know first hand Calgary can be a painful place to live. Other than just high housing prices and the current slip in the economy, there are those who suffer from headaches and migraines caused by those pesky Chinooks. These, special to Calgary, headaches can be anywhere from a mild nuisance, to a full blown can’t do anything but huddle under the blankets, kind of migraine. The good news is that Acupuncture is an effective treatment for all types of headaches and migraines, including those caused by Chinooks.

Acupuncture is my first choice for the treatment of headaches and migraines, often giving immediate pain relief.

Acupuncture for headaches

Headache Relief Today

In Chinese Medicine we not only look at the symptoms of your headache, but we also look at your internal and external systems and how they may play a role in WHY you get headaches or migraines. This holistic approach to health is what  attracted me to Chinese Medicine in the first place. In Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture therapy both the diagnosis and treatment address your entire body, not just your main complaint.

Acupuncture is my first choice for the treatment of headaches and migraines, often giving immediate relief of the pain, and then if necessary, I will prescribe a Chinese Herbal Formula to address more persistent imbalances. Other therapies that work well along with acupuncture for the treatment of headaches and migraines are massage therapy, chiropractic and good nutrition.

Our Acupuncture clinic is located in the convenient Beltline area of Downtown Calgary, AB. Click Here to book your acupuncture appointment today!

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The Opening of Apple Blossom Wellness Center

Happy Summer Everyone!

I have some very exciting news to share with you all! I have realized one of my biggest dreams and have opened the Apple Blossom Wellness Center in the Beltline area of downtown Calgary. The new location is on the second floor of 1324 11 ave SW, one block south of the downtown Community Natural Foods and in the same building as 30 Minute Hit. Click Here for a map to our new location and parking.

This new expanded space allows me to help more people to achieve their health and wellness goals with the amazing power of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. At the clinic we also have massage therapists and will be bringing in other health and wellness providers in the coming months. For more information on the clinic and our services please visit our new website at www.AppleBlossomWellness.com

Coming soon I will be offering community style acupuncture during specified times. All other services are remaining the same.

What is Community Style Acupuncture?

community acupuncture in calgaryCommunity Acupuncture in Calgary, is when a small group of people (who know each other or not) receive their acupuncture treatment in the same room at the same time. Patients remain fully clothed and are seated in recliner chairs; we use the arms, lower legs, ears and scalp as the areas to be needled. Any type of problem can still be treated using this treatment style though I find it particularly well suited for problems that require more frequent treatment to obtain optimal results such as:

  • stubborn mental/emotional issues such as addictions, anxiety, depression, OCD, and more.
  • Neurological issues such as stroke, nerve pain, migraines, concussions and more
  • severe acute and chronic pain

or for simple problems (at least simple from an acupuncture treatment point of view) such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Menopause
  • Fertility
  • PMS
  • Colds and flus
  • Small area injuries like carpal tunnel, tendonitis etc.

Yours in health and wellness,

Your Calgary Acupuncturist

Dr. Christianne Parrott – RAc, DTCM

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Service Changes, Moving and Happy New Year!

acupuncture in calgary

2016 Year of the Monkey

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am greatly looking forward to the upcoming year here in Calgary with all of the changes and innovations that will be transpiring as our city grows, changes, and adjusts to a new and exciting status quo. All of the bright minds collected here have a great opportunity to create change and inspire our community to explore new directions and increase our diversity. In my own practice I will continue to expand and diversify my knowledge and skills in Chinese Medicine with further exploration into more classical forms of acupuncture, meditation and herbal medicine.

I have a few pieces of news on top of welcoming in the 2016 Year of the Monkey. Check out http://www.sunsigns.org/category/chinese-horoscopes-2016/ for a fun fortune reading on the year of the Monkey and how it relates to you.

For those of you who don’t know yet, we are Continue reading

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How Does Acupuncture Work? | Calgary Acupuncture

How does acupuncture work?

This is a question I am asked by almost all of my acupuncture patients in Calgary at one point or another. The Chinese Medicine answer is easy, acupuncture works by moving Qi through the meridians to remove any blockages and redirect energy through the body to stimulate healing.

The only problem with that answer is that it doesn’t satisfy the average person who doesn’t understand meridians or Qi. Rather than going into a very long blog post that still won’t answer all of the question, I’ll let you watch this documentary. It isn’t perfect and doesn’t include ALOT of the evidence that has been compiling over the last few decades but it’s a good watch.



Acupuncture Activates and Deactivates Different Areas of the Brain

Acupuncture Activates and Deactivates Different Areas of the Brain







Please share any comments or questions below.

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Can Acupuncture Help With My Sports Injury?

Can Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine be used to treat sports injuries?

In short: yes, and very effectively.

Did you know that Chinese Sports Medicine has been around for over Two Thousand Years?

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a very long, tried and tested history and not only have they fine tuned the treatment of internal diseases, communicable diseases and preventative healthcare, but they have also fine-tuned the treatment of external injuries sustained in combat, sport, or physical labour (or, if you are like me, injuries sustained while crossing the street!). Injuries such as sprains, strains, muscle, tendon or ligament tears, broken bones, lacerations and more have all been successfully Continue reading

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