Acupuncture for Infertility | Traditional Chinese Medicine for Infertility

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Acupuncture for fertilityThe treatment of infertility with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) goes back over 2000 years. With the emergence of modern fertility treatments and information the specificity and success rates have only gotten better. In ancient times, the only information they had pertaining to a woman’s fertility was her period and they still had good results. Nowadays, we have all of our modern knowledge and technology to help us figure out exactly what and where a problem may be thus making our treatments that much more sophisticated and specific.

My favourite “new” thing in fertility are the apps that will track and graph your Basal Body Temperatures (BBT). These charts give me a wealth of diagnostic information, they tell me about your hormones, Yin and Yang, when you ovulate and often, why you aren’t getting pregnant. For the would be parents, the BBT chart is most helpful in determining when ovulation is occurring (or not). I have found that many of my couples who were relying only on the period tracking feature for ovulation timing are actually off by as much as 5 days on when they are ovulating!

Below is an example of a relatively normal BBT chart:

acupuncture for fertility,

The first half of the cycle is the Yin, or estrogenic phase, and the second half is the Yang, or progesterone, phase.The ovulation and the menses are the times when you switch from Yin to Yang or Yang to Yin. Problems can happen at any point in the cycle and all require a different approach in order to correct the issue. Most types of fertility problems are correctable with TCM, though any anatomical problem is not.

For most cases, it takes a minimum of three cycles to correct a problem and can sometimes take up to a year so patience is required. If you are also seeking western medical help for fertility, acupuncture is a great complimentary treatment.

You can book your next acupuncture appointment in Calgary online today.


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Acupuncture for Back Pain | Calgary Acupuncture

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Calgary Acupuncture

Acupuncture For Low Back Pain

Back pain is the number one complaint in both my Airdrie Acupuncture and Calgary Acupuncture clinics. Back pain has no barriers or boundaries, it can affect any person at any point in their life. For most people it is a short term, acute problem, easily resolved in as few as 2 or 3 treatments Continue reading

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Acupuncture for Insomnia | Calgary Acupuncture

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acupuncture for insomniaSleep is touted as one of the most important aspects of managing your health. A good night’s sleep has been linked with decreased stress, better memory, helps with maintaining a healthy weight, and improves your mood. Lack of sleep can exacerbate these as well as other health problems that you may have. Our bodies need regular deep rest to affect daily repair and rejuvenation and when we don’t get that rest small things can start to pile up and we begin to feel run down.

So how can you get more sleep?

  • Do you go to sleep at a regular time? If not, setting a sleep schedule can be the simple solution to getting the zzz’s you need.
  • Stay off of your electronics the hour before you go to bed. The lights and stimulation can inhibit our natural sleep cycle.
  • Remove distractions from the bedroom. It is my firm opinion that bedrooms are for two things, sleeping and intimacy. No TV, no work, no eating, no phone/tablet/laptop and though some people use reading as a way to fall asleep, if the story is engaging it could also keep you awake for hours.
  • Avoid eating before bed, not only does this contribute to unwanted weight gain, but can also have a negative impact on your sleep.
  • Take a melatonin supplement an hour or so before you want to fall asleep. Melatonin is produced by your body so there are no harmful effects.

I’ve tried those and still can’t sleep, now what?

If you have been addressing the items above (or others), known as sleep hygiene, and are still having problems either falling or remaining asleep then acupuncture and Chinese medicine are effective and safe for the treatment of insomnia.

acupuncture for sleepIn Chinese Medicine there are multiple types of imbalance that can lead to insomnia, it is the job of the acupuncturist to determine what that imbalance is and then work to resolve it using acupuncture(1), herbs and lifestyle changes. Insomnia is a common complaint at my Calgary Acupuncture Clinic though not usually the main reason people come to see me and often better sleep is a “side-effect” of the acupuncture treatment for their primary concern.

If you or someone you know is having problems sleeping, give acupuncture a try and book your acupuncture appointment in Calgary today.



  1. Spence DW1, Kayumov L, Chen A, Lowe A, Jain U, Katzman MA, Shen J, Perelman B, Shapiro CM.Acupuncture increases nocturnal melatonin secretion and reduces insomnia and anxiety: a preliminary report. J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2004 Winter;16(1):19-28.
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Acupuncture for PTSD | Acupuncture in Calgary

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Have you or someone you know suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? Did you know that you can develop PTSD from experiences other than warfare? Other types of incidents that commonly cause PTSD are things like natural disasters, motor vehicle accidents, violence, abuse, or even simply witnessing any of these has been known to cause PTSD in some individuals.

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association’s website, PTSD is:

“Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental illness. It involves exposure to trauma involving death or the threat of death, serious injury, or sexual violence. Continue reading

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What Can I Do For Morning Sickness? | Nausea During Pregnancy

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calgary acupuncture clinicPregnancy can be one of the most magical times in a woman’s life, or it can be a nightmare of feeling so unwell she can’t get out of bed. One of the most common complaints I see in pregnant women at my Calgary acupuncture clinic is morning sickness. Often this “morning sickness” is any time of day, or all day for some women and can be anywhere from a mild queasiness to a severely upset stomach and frequent vomiting. If you are pregnant and can’t stop vomiting or can’t keep food or liquids down, please go to the hospital for care!

Frequent bouts of nausea are especially prevalent during the first trimester though for some women it can last throughout their entire pregnancy. It is important for women to feel relief from this nausea not only so that they can feel better, but so that they can continue to work or look after their other children.

Acupuncture is one of the safest forms of therapy for pregnant women* as there are no negative effects to the fetus and the risks to the mom are extremely low (occasionally there is mild bruising, feeling tired or faint after treatment). Most of my morning sickness patients feel better within a week or two of starting treatment.

*When administered by a properly trained and licensed Acupuncturist.

Continue reading

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How Does Acupuncture Work? | Calgary Acupuncture

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I was thinking the other day on the nature of acupuncture and how it affects the body to allow healing to occur naturally. Every time I ponder this question I arrive at better and better ways of explaining it, though I still feel like my understanding is imperfect and incomplete. I don’t think that a 100% understanding of how the body works and heals is achievable, for we are learning something new every day. Today I will share my current thoughts on the mechanism of healing via acupuncture. This is not to be confused with what current scientific research is undertaking in their continued work on WHAT does acupuncture do to the body. The what is a much easier thing to observe and measure and I will examine this in other posts.

First, I’ll give a brief background of anatomy/physiology from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective:

Our bodies contain, what we call in TCM, Meridians, and what a relatively newer branch of anatomical research in Western Medicine knows as Fascia. These Meridians are Continue reading

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Acupuncture for Trigeminal Nerve Pain

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Today we are talking about acupuncture for the treatment of trigeminal neraulgia.Trigeminal neuralgia is a severe facial pain disorder following the distribution of cranial nerve V. The pain is often one sided, stabbing, spasming, and excruciating in intensity. The condition is made worse by such things as talking, chewing, cold or hot drinks, touch, cold air, and even brushing your teeth.

calgary acupunctureDid you know that acupuncture is an effective form of treatment for many types of nerve pain, including trigeminal nerve pain? For many people who experience chronic nerve pain, the prognosis given by their medical doctors is poor and only a small number of medications are effective in relieving that pain. Also, these medications have a number of serious side effects that most people would rather avoid. The good news is, acupuncture is effective in relieving many different types of nerve pain and, depending on the case, can offer long lasting and sometimes permanent relief. At worst acupuncture will have no effect and very rarely could cause a temporary increase in pain. Another benefit of acupuncture for nerve pain is that it can improve some of the side effects from the medications the patient may be on already.

A recent investigation finds acupuncture effective in eliminating trigeminal neuralgia symptoms with both a high cure rate and total effective rate. Researchers conducted a controlled experiment comparing the efficaciousness of carbamazepine with acupuncture. Carbamazepine is an FDA approved anticonvulsant drug used for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia and is also used for controlling seizures in epileptic patients and mania in bipolar patients. A total of 22 out of 40 patients in the carbamazepine group fully recovered. A total of 30 out of 40 patients fully recovered in the acupuncture group. This yields a 55% cure rate for carbamazepine and 70% for acupuncture.

Based on their findings, the researchers suggest implementing a treatment protocol for patients with trigeminal neuralgia wherein both pharmaceutical medications and acupuncture are used together as complementary therapies. They suggest that this may produce even greater results than using either modality as a standalone therapy. Continuing research is needed to determine if an additive or synergistic effect can be achieved by combining drugs with TCM procedures for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. In a meta-analysis, another group of researchers had found that in one quarter of the studies they examined acupuncture had a superior effect over carbamazepine, and in the other three quarters it had an equal effect as carbamazepine. Other studies also show predominantly successful treatment outcomes for patients receiving acupuncture for trigeminal neuralgia.

Do you suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia and are looking for relief and possibly a long-term solution to your chronic pain? Book your acupuncture appointment in Calgary today.


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Acupuncture for Depression

 Hello Calgary Acupuncture Enthusiasts,

According to Statistics Canada’s 2012 Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) on Mental Health, 5.4% of the Canadian population aged 15 years and over reported symptoms that met the criteria for a mood disorder in the previous 12 months and an estimated 1 in 4 Canadians has a degree of depression serious enough to need treatment at some time in his or her life.

Sadness and grief are normal reactions to the ups and downs of life. Often time heals, and our mood improves, however depressive illnesses are different. There is a change in the person – perhaps a loss of interest in regular activities, food or sex, waking early in the morning, or not wanting to get out of bed at all. Without treatment the symptoms can Continue reading

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Acupuncture for Headaches | Acupuncture in Calgary

Hello Calgary Acupuncture Enthusiasts,

Headaches are one of the most common complaints I see in my Calgary Acupuncture calgary acupuncture clinicClinic (Airdrie too). Due to the local weather patterns we experience in our lovely city, many people’s bodies have a hard time adjusting to the drastic change in pressure and temperature. Headaches are a sign of imbalance in your body, when your body is healthy and in balance it is easily able to handle many changes that can happen around you. However, if your body is out of balance, it will not be able to handle theses changes and stresses without exhibiting symptoms.

With the use of ultra-fine acupuncture needles your Calgary Acupuncturists, Dr. Christianne Parrott and Michelle Beaubier, can give immediate relief for Continue reading

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Acupuncture for Insomnia | Calgary Acupuncture

Hello Calgary Acupuncture Enthusiasts,

Insomnia and poor quality sleep are common problems for many of my Calgary Acupuncture patients (Airdrie too). Regularly getting a good night’s sleep is for some a luxury they’ve not experienced in a long time and has a negative impact on almost all aspects of daily life and overall health.

Benefits of Better Sleep:

  • Improved mood
  • Lower cortisol levels (stress hormone)
  • It’s easier to maintain or lose weight
  • Improved mental function (like memory)
  • Lower inflammation in the body
  • And more.

Continue reading

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