How many treatments are needed and how often?

How many treatments are needed and how often?

Frequency and number depend on how long the person’s condition existed before starting acupuncture, whether or not the patient has had long-term drug therapy and/or surgery, and on the overall depth of the problem. Coming for treatment in the beginning stages of illness and having avoided more intrusive methods reduce the length of the treatment period also, patients differ in their responsiveness to acupuncture.

Weekly treatments are the norm and over time the period between each treatment increases; however there are conditions requiring more frequent visits, like severe pain and stroke. Acupuncture therapy has more chance of success when the patient seeks treatment as soon as possible after an illness or injury, follows the course of treatment faithfully, and makes appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes to support the healing process.

To maximize the chance for recovery and prevent problems from becoming chronic, regular treatments should be given until the problem is resolved. Each subsequent treatment should give a better and more prolonged result and the symptoms should gradually disappear as the treatments continue.

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