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Acupuncture for fertilityThe treatment of infertility with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) goes back over 2000 years. With the emergence of modern fertility treatments and information the specificity and success rates have only gotten better. In ancient times, the only information they had pertaining to a woman’s fertility was her period and they still had good results. Nowadays, we have all of our modern knowledge and technology to help us figure out exactly what and where a problem may be thus making our treatments that much more sophisticated and specific.

My favourite “new” thing in fertility are the apps that will track and graph your Basal Body Temperatures (BBT). These charts give me a wealth of diagnostic information, they tell me about your hormones, Yin and Yang, when you ovulate and often, why you aren’t getting pregnant. For the would be parents, the BBT chart is most helpful in determining when ovulation is occurring (or not). I have found that many of my couples who were relying only on the period tracking feature for ovulation timing are actually off by as much as 5 days on when they are ovulating!

Below is an example of a relatively normal BBT chart:

acupuncture for fertility,

The first half of the cycle is the Yin, or estrogenic phase, and the second half is the Yang, or progesterone, phase.The ovulation and the menses are the times when you switch from Yin to Yang or Yang to Yin. Problems can happen at any point in the cycle and all require a different approach in order to correct the issue. Most types of fertility problems are correctable with TCM, though any anatomical problem is not.

For most cases, it takes a minimum of three cycles to correct a problem and can sometimes take up to a year so patience is required. If you are also seeking western medical help for fertility, acupuncture is a great complimentary treatment.

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