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Chronic pain is a common problem that I see in my Calgary acupuncture clinic and has a serious impact on the lives of those who suffer from it. Often they have been seeking care for a long time before they find me and have often had little or no lasting relief. Their primary care physician plays an important role for many of these patients, however survey results indicate that many physicians consider the training they received in pain management to be insufficient, and may not feel comfortable( in their ability to effectively treat patients with chronic pain. When this is the case, they will often refer their patients to a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine or a Registered Acupuncturist (both of which I am) for an effective alternative or adjunctive therapy to the western medical approach of chronic pain treatment.

Research finds more support that Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic pain.

There is good reason for these doctors to recommend us to their patients for care. In an update of patient data meta-analysis published in the May edition of the Journal of Pain,(, researchers with the Acupuncture Trialists’ Collaboration found that acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic pain, that the effects of acupuncture persisted over time, and that the benefits of acupuncture were not due to placebo effect alone (in any treatment there is always a partial placebo).

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The authors wrote that “the results confirm and strengthen previous key findings that acupuncture has a clinically relevant effect compared with no acupuncture control.” These effects persisted up to the 12 month followup and the authors also said that “the effects of acupuncture are not completely explicable in terms of placebo effects,” but cautioned that “factors other than the specific effects of needling at correct acupuncture point locations” contribute to the benefits derived from receiving acupuncture.

In my Calgary and Airdrie Acupuncture clinics I see people with chronic pain that come as a result of a previous motor vehicle accident, sports and repetitive strain injuries, work injuries, chronic illness and fibromyalgia. There are those few that do not respond to our treatment however the majority see an improvement in their pain and many find complete relief. I use a combination of different techniques that I have learned over the years to pinpoint the method that will work for each patient and each circumstance. There are also cases where the use of classical Chinese herbal formulas are required to get the lasting and significant results that we are hoping to achieve.

If you have chronic pain and would like to try a natural, and holistic approach to  treat your pain, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are effective, time tested and safe.

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