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Did you know that you can looking younger can be a side effect of getting healthy?

There is growing interest in North America for healthy and natural ways to look and feel younger and more vital. This has been a specialty of Chinese Medicine (TCM) for almost as long as it has been around (more than 2000 years). There are many parts to optimizing longevity in TCM and include dietary considerations, lifestyle considerations, exercises and meditation, Qi Gong, Chinese herbs, acupuncture and more.

calgary acupunctureIn my final year at university I studied a very interesting topic, The Evolution of Beauty. It addressed the questions surrounding whether or not the things we find universally (cross-culturally) attractive are a true sign of “genetic fitness” otherwise known as a genetic advantage or “strong genes” as well as an indicator of the overall health of the individual. In a very short nutshell, yes, the things we find universally attractive are good indicators for whether or not they would help produce healthy offspring. So this desire to look younger is not merely vanity, but hard-wired into our DNA!

What does this look like from a TCM point of view?

acupuncture facial rejuvenation calgaryThe face is seen as a reflection of the state of health (or lack of) of the internal organs. When we look at the face we look at not only the presence of lines and wrinkles, but also the condition of the skin, the complexion, and whether or not there is puffiness or sagginess in certain areas. The condition of the skin is related to the Lung/Large Intestine organs, the complexion is a reflection of Blood and “Jing” or Essence, puffiness reflects an imbalance in the water systems and sagging skin is usually related to the Spleen/Stomach system.

In my facial rejuvenation acupuncture appointments at my downtown Calgary acupuncture clinic, I address as many issues as I can at once to maximize results. I use constitutional body acupuncture to address any internal imbalances that need to be corrected, facial acupuncture to lift, soften wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture and then use facial cupping to improve lift, circulation, reduce wrinkles and remove any toxins and fluid retention from the face. With this multi-faceted approach the results are faster and more obvious than with facial rejuvenation acupuncture alone.

Patience is required.

acupuncture for facial rejuvenation

These results are typical but take time

As a natural technique that stimulates the body’s own cells, it takes time for these cells to change and for the desired results to be seen. The initial course of treatments is between 16-20 treatments twice weekly, then every week or other week to continue seeing improvements. This takes several months before results such as these in the picture are seen.

The reward for your patience is a naturally younger looking face that people notice, but no-one would suspect you had had any “work” done. As well as looking younger, you feel rested and revitalized.

If you have any questions regarding our Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture protocol offered at the Apple Blossom Wellness Center you can get in touch via email at or by calling 403-589-1351.

If you are ready to go simply book online and I’ll see you soon 🙂


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