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Spring is finally looking ready to greet us here in Calgary! (at least it was looking like it when I started writing this post!). After such a long cold winter I certainly can’t wait for the warmer weather, however as all of this snow melts I’m reminded of the dreaded springtime allergies that affect so many of us in this fair city.

Did you know that Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can treat your seasonal allergies?

With its ability to regulate the immune system acupuncture is able to lessen and sometimes even eliminate your bodies’ response to seasonal allergens. This is an area where I have had very consistent clinical results when people follow the recommended treatment protocol. One of the keys to success in avoiding a bad allergy season is to start your acupuncture and herbal protocol before allergy season has started. This gives your body the time it needs to make the necessary adjustments for a smoother and less sniffly spring.

calgary chinese medicineChinese Medicinal herbs are another great tool in the treatment of seasonal allergies. As a trained Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Parrott is able to examine your individual constitution and prescribe an individualized herbal formula to restore your bodies’ healthy immune response to reduce or eliminate your allergies.

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