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A Brief Introduction to Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a fully comprehensive system of health care with a clinical history spanning more than 3,000 years. The nature of TCM looks to diagnose the root cause of your symptoms and address that, rather than only addressing the symptoms themselves. Each person is treated as an individual with a personal Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment plan, even if two persons present with similar symptoms, the cause may be vastly different and therefore so is the treatment. An in-depth assessment is done evaluating all areas of a persons’ health in order to achieve a correct diagnosis of current issues and for early detection and prevention of future health problems.

TCM is based on the concept of “Qi” (pronounced “chee”), Qi is a vital energy that animates our bodies, nourishes us and moves us. Qi flows through our bodies via meridians or pathways that cover our entire bodies and are connected to our major internal organs. Imbalance and disease occur when this flow of energy is blocked, we experience optimal health when our energy is ample and freely flowing, thus invigorating the organs and tissues.

Qi is said to affect a person’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical condition. According to TCM, Qi has two forces, Yin and Yang, they are opposing forces that work together to create harmony and balance. Nothing is ever all Yin or all Yang, both exist in all things, including people. Many of the major organs of the body are Yin-Yang pairs that must be in balance to be healthy. When a person’s yin and yang are not in balance, Qi can become blocked. Blocked Qi causes pain, illness, emotional imbalance or other health problems.

TCM uses acupuncture, herbal therapy, moxibustion, cupping, diet, meditation, physical exercise, and Tui Na massage to restore health by unblocking Qi and correcting the balance of Yin and Yang within the person.

These therapies work with the natural vital energy inherent within all living things (Qi) to promote the body’s ability to heal itself. This system of health care has been (and is currently) used extensively in Asia, but is rapidly growing in popularity in Europe and North America due to its natural and holistic nature that addresses the root of the problem rather than simply managing the symptoms.

Effective and Compassionate Care

At Apple Blossom Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine in Calgary, Dr. Christianne is committed to treating her patients with the compassionate care, dignity and respect they deserve. She has created a quiet, calming, and relaxing environment in which to receive your therapeutic acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatment in Calgary. 

Dr. Christianne works with you to create a personalized treatment plan designed not only to address the symptoms of your illness, but also its root, with the ultimate goal of restoring balance and health to allow you to enjoy living your life to the fullest.

Let Dr. Christianne put her in-depth knowledge and skills to work for you.

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Filiform needles inserted into back shu points.

Filiform needles inserted into back shu points.